焚書 World of Wonder

焚書 World of Wonder

『焚書 World of Wonder』 絵と文 鴻池朋子


編集:VOLCANOISE(ヴォルカノイズ) 装丁:大西隆介(direction Q)
翻訳:竹森ジニー 翻訳協力:スーザン•シュミット
発行所:株式会社 羽鳥書店



この絵本は、2007年に発表されたのち加筆され、2011年4月に羽鳥書店より絵本として刊行されました。軽やかなドローイングであるからこそ、画力の強さと作風の美しさが引き出されており、鴻池朋子という作家の存在意義をしめす一冊です。静かに本を閉じた時、見たこともない光景が目の前に広がっているかもしれません。「なんて すばらしいせかい」。

Tomoko Konoike   World of Wonder

Imagination picks up speed

¥3,800(without Tax)
Editing : VOLCANOISE   Book Design : Takasuke Onishi(direction Q)
Translation : Ginny Tapley Takemori   Translation Assitance : Susan Schmidt
Publisher : Hatori Press, Inc.

This picture book tells the story of invisible imagination. The imagination weaves and produces a twisted strands of life through the words of a narrator who can be either a child or an old man, and go through freely the world of picture book that readers can open and close in their hands. The picture book works as a tool like ritual implements for communing with gods, and as a travelling kit for adventures, to let a reader and imagination share the sympathy mutually.

The hypothesis in the global history called “Snowball Earth”, which shows the planet getting covered by glacial ice and that it causes mass extinction and explosive evolution of organism, motivated Konoike to write this book. This spectacular story tells that global glaciation is related deeply with the Cambrian explosion happened 5 hundred million and thousands years ago and changed drastically the history of life birth. It is the origin of Konoike’s inspiration and comes to a picture book.

Having first been exhibited in 2007, World of Wonder was expanded and published as a picture book in April 2011 by Hatori Press. This work demonstrates Konoike’s artistic raison d’être in the way its simple drawings draw out the strength and beauty of her style. When we close the book in silence, we might see a view that is completely different from what was there before. It is the “World of Wonder.”

『焚書 World of Wonder』
『焚書 World of Wonder』
『焚書 World of Wonder』
『焚書 World of Wonder』